Zerodha market share

Hi @nithin

Could you please share the status of zerodha’s market share?

  1. What is current market share % of zerodha? And which brokerage house is leader currently?
  2. What % of Zerodha’s turnover comes from DIIs and FIIs and retail respectively?

Thanks for your answer!

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  1. 50% of trading on exchanges that happen on the exchange is from Algo’s/prop shops/HFT. The rest 50% is retail, we contribute 3 to 4% of this. I am guessing Zerodha would be in the top 3 in terms of turnover contribution.
    On exchange I think there were 5 million investors who had traded once a year last year. We had 1.5lks so around 3% contribution in terms of number of users. We are 10th on this list, ICICI/HDFC/Sharekhan on the top.

  2. 90% from retail and 10% from domestic corporate/institutions. No FII business.


Growth rate must be industry’s best ?