Zerodha, NSE, NOW

I jump into the market at 9:15 sharp.
The problem is that the OHLC of Zerodha 1 min is not accurate. They are different than &$. And both are different from NSE website.
&^%$ matches the data of NOW. Zerodha is incorrect.
Any guidance?
Also, at 9:15 sharp when I enter in Zerodha, I am placed about 2 points hight in buy. Seems like problems in Zerodha’s ohlc figures and delay when the market opens.

Please help and comment on accuracy.


Have answered this before here, it is extremely tough to match two different charting engines accurately, especially when markets are extremely active. NEST and NOW run on same charting backend, so it is possible that they match.

Wow. thanks Nithin so much.

I am a trader who wants to jump at 9:15. Seems like Zerodha’s Market watch takes more time to load data and when I place the market order, I am placed at much higher price… so I guess NOW or NEST is a better option here. Please confirm.

One more thing Nithin:

In Zerodha Kites, can I place SLM for FUTURES order for BUY before 9:15 so that when the market opens, my order gets executed: In case the price is below my SLM, then the order will be treated as SLM and if the price is above the SLM, then the SLM automatically becomes the market order? Please confirm if this would work?
I mean for Futures Stocks Intraday only?


I am guessing you are placing equity orders, it is slightly slower on Kite right now at the market open. But give it time till this weekend, you’d see it match with NOW.

Yep, you can do this, SLM using MIS (intraday product type).

Futures. You think KITES will match NOW till this weekend?
Will the MARKET WATCH opening speed also match?

Ok, so Futures, SLM will be either SLM or become Market order automatically when the market opens at 9:15? So, do I place SLM between 9:02 and 9:08 ?

will PI also match with NOW and NEST?

Marketwatch speed is as fast as it gets. In the first few seconds, there are thousands of ticks every second. So not possible for two platforms to match.

Does the realtime API resolution cover these ticks per ticker ?

@nithin can we log into NOW with zerodha username and password ? if not how do we log in to NOW?

Not really, the number of ticks streamed is still limited from 1 to 4 ticks per second. The actual on the exchange could be in thousands.

You will have to first migrate to NOW, once you do, you will not be able to access any other Zerodha platforms (Kite,Pi) and all partner apps (Smallcase, Balance, etc). Now isn’t anything special.

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Yes, Nitin is right.
NOW is the best if you are “super speedy” and want to jump in and out of the market with MARKET ORDER with more accuracy. Because NOW is directly linked with NSE.
Kite and PI are very good and I would say that unless you are the 9:15 “instant” jumping person, better stick wth PI and Kite.


Can we migrate to now & migrate back to Zerodha?
Are there any charges?
How long does it take?

If we migrate to NOW, how we can access my mutual funds, as it logs in through Kite?