Zerodha or Upstox

Hi All, Zerodha or Upstox - what are the best suggestions to start trading with. Need best user friendly tool which is easy to use to the best. Please share. Thanks.

You come and post this question on a forum managed by Zerodha. What answer do you think you are going to get? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not used Upstox.

Using Zerodha.
*Very User Friendly.
*Good Broker for Day Traders
*Many tools for technical analysis
*Mobile App is Best in Market

Only problem Server issues sometimes

Sometimes You’ll not be able to update your Stop-loss and Target in CO/BO Orders

Chart not load sometimes in Live market

Not used upstox. Zerodha is fairly good with good features (barring a few issues as someone pointed out). Having said that, do check out Fyers. Their windows platform with scanners is the best. The platform is very interactive. However they do not have cover & bracket orders yet so I don’t take large positions with them.

PS: not promoting any competitor, just giving my unbiased view :smile:

I am using both Zerodha and Upstox.
Recently more active on Upstox due to several issues with Zerodha.

  1. Brokerage for both are identical
  2. Upstox gives more leverage.
  3. They have got money (I suppose) - hence very fast development cycle. Platforms will get updated more frequently.
  4. Customer services is better is so far as they have chat option directly from trading platform. Live chat within 4-5 mins. But for call back can take 1-2 days.
  5. Trading platform is wayyyyyyyyyy cooler than kite 3.0
    Just see live demo of their platform without registration
  6. They will copy whatever new thing that zerodha introduces. Nay they copy other brokers as well. So sooner than later you will get whatever Zerodha provides.


  1. No 60 days challenge.
  2. data feed is microsecond late.
  3. chart graphics is a bit hazy than super sharp kite graphics
  4. No smallcase, no coin, no Pi.


  1. Much talk, less work (sorry Nithin!!!)
  2. Very slow paced development cycle.
  3. Kite is like 20th c. for upstox pro in many ways.
  4. But has a 60 days challenge. That means zerodha is actually 0 brokerage for delivery as well as intraday.

60 days challenge is a good initiative but as its said, its the bookie who wins majority of the time.

Bookie or house in this case is broker.

upstox & other brokers should be assured & provide similar 60 days challenge even without any capping. Brokers should not worry bcuz

I can tell u, majority of time broker will win it. :smile:

Broker dont compete.
He is just a servant.

Why don’t you give a chance to finvasia
It’s always best to have multiple accounts

I meant other brokers can also provide 60 days challenge kind of thing & even without any capping.

Zerodha will get tough competition & may have to remove the capping.

Majority of the time, a trader will lose 60 days challenge.

If you want a user friendly broker. Zerodha is the best choice.
The team listen to clients directly and are ready to change the entire industry.
Remember zerodha did it back then, I strongly believe they will be the leaders of discount brokering.