Zerodha Preview of Options Portal

Recently I’d seen a post regarding Zerodha working on something related to Options.

Can someone share the URL to the portal?

Basically I wanted to read a little about their alternative pricing model to the B&S model.
I can recall what it was called.


Search for the thread "Live greeks and option chain"
The man you are looking for is @Abid_Hassan

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Hey @Chirag1

This is a Black 76 Model. Slight tweaks here are there to accommodate the Indian market. But the crux of it is that we work with Future prices instead of spot. You can learn more in

PS: Thanks @Umar

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The URL is loading a blank page in last 2 days. I even tried another 2 different browsers, is it functional?

only the TLD loads fine with the homepage and email txtbox etc


Hi @Chirag1 - That is highly unlikely. It’s functional. We have around 100+ beta users a day on that page. Can you try this URL too, please?

Also can you please send me a screenshot of the error you are getting. Thanks.

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Thanks for the quick reply, it may have something to do with the Kite login session.

Cleared cache and history in Chrome, I’ve now logged in and browsing :slight_smile:

@Aditya_Bhat - Cheers mate

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