Zerodha + Rainmatter, what is it all about?


For Coin APIs, would the individual have to be a RIA or would that somehow be subsumed under Coin’s license?

Like Broker - Sub Broker type set-up


If you are advising, you would need a RIA separately. If it is just an execution platform, then not required.


Hi @nithin,
It is almost a year since you wrote this post. Now we have so many Apps connected to Zerodha APIs. It is hard to find them all under the same window. The Apps section after login to Zerodha kite should list all the potential Apps available in addition to the ones already connected by the user. Also, it should be possible to launch the available apps to explore and connect them (similar to the link provided for Coin in the initial stages of Coin).
Hope you consider this update for the benefit of all…


Yep, we are planning something like an app store on your mobile.


Hi Nithin,
a)There are many VC’s around who post eligibilty criteria for a fintech startup, Do you have any eligibility criteria?
b)Does Rainmatter come back with reply for every application? 'Cause I have applied twice (Today being the latest) and
c)Do we need to have some referrals to get incubated by Rainmatter?Sorry for asking so many questions, just a bit passionate:)


Someone should definitely get back to you no matter what. Can you email me what you have forwarded to

We are looking at backing ideas which will help grow the capital market ecosystem. We might not be able to back by investing if there is a startup that we have invested in which is already doing something very similar. Nah, you don’t need referrals. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply and yeah I’ve forwarded it to your mail.