Zerodha reliability issues?

Two days, two issues. I’m surprised this hasn’t been talked about here. If it has and if I missed it, please merge this post into that thread/post

  1. Yesterday - positions weren’t being shown for executed orders leading to panic among many (finnifty expiry, gap-up open - you can imagine). I tried reaching out to support over the phone but I was disconnected citing extreme call load and was asked to raise a support ticket. Very poor.

  2. Today - orders stuck in “validation pending” intermittently throughout the day. once the order is stuck in this state, you aren’t sure what price it would execute at (if market order) and at what time it would execute which means the order can execute at any time and at whatever market price is available at the time or execution and not at the time of placement.

Both are serious issues and I’m concerned about the reliability of the platform now. There was a notification on Kite sent out much later and the standard “inconvenience is regretted” line.

Can someone from Zerodha assure that the root cause was identified and the required process/software improvements will be made to ensure these kinds of issues don’t happen?

Hi @kauphylover

The issues in the last two days were primarily related to OMS and server-related issues the root cause of which was found and the necessary fixes were done at the vendor level.

We fully understand the inconvenience caused and are empathetic with you. In scenarios, where there is an issue, Both the agents and especially the clients are helpless and to keep the accountability, We ask clients to create a ticket so that the issue can be addressed accordingly.

The root cause for the issues was found and the necessary fixes were done. There has never been a compromise on the continuous improvement of the process and the necessary infrastructure around it. Please be assured that we’ve in place the best possible solutions to ensure these issues don’t happen again.

We’ve been transparent about the disclosures related to the technical issues. You can check the detailed report here: Zerodha transparency discloures

Thanks for your response, Meher. Today’s even bigger issue doesn’t really help alleviate fears of Zerodha’s reliability. There is clearly some work to do for the Zerodha tech team.

Also, issue #2 I posted above hasn’t been included in the transparency disclosures. Any reason?