Zerodha should invite participation from more traders in this chat corner


1.According to Wikipedia, Zerodha has a client base of more than 10 Lac traders, generating a daily turnover of $2 Billion ( Rupees 15,000 Crore).
2. However, if you see on this tradingq&a forum, only 11200 members have been granted a BASIC membership. this is about 1 person in every 100 traders.
3. therefore I request Zerodha to actively encourage traders, big and small, to participate in this forum.
4. Look at MMB on moneycontrol, Infy alone has 7 lac followers and has close to 2 lac messages. even assuming half of these messages are spam, look at tremendous value add this would have on zerodha.
5.Imagine a scenario where Tradingq&A has a million active forum members, with a million messages per hour, zerodha could target advertising to the members based on their interest and earn Billions of dollars.
6. I dont mind Nitin pocketing a Billion, as long as her REDUCES the brokerage to 2 ruppes per lot, instead of current 20!!
7. Kindly take alook at the topic and make your suggestions.


Who told brokerage is 20 per lot?


:slight_smile: if we could earn billions of dollars on tradingqna, brokerage free for life at zerodha for F&O also… Btw our daily turnover on the exchange means nothing because we don’t charge a % brokerage fee.

If you look at MMB, most activity is around stock tips. We don’t encourage that on this forum. It will just become that, if we did. Also most people on MMB have multiple ID’s to promote themselves, if you have participated you would know.

Btw did you know there were only 6 million Indians who traded once a year last year in India. Don’t think any forum like MMB or tradingqna is ever going to be worth anything monetary wise. We run this out of passion, with no money motivation.


ah yeah like @Newbie420 pointed out, it is Rs 20/executed order, not per lot. :slight_smile:


Do agree with most of the points you talked about and it is an informed view that there were only 6 million Indians who traded once a year last year in India . IS IT ? can not be so low ! i assume by trader you mean trader ,investor everybody who did a trade .


Yes, actually a typo, it is 20 per executed order. thanks for pointing it out.


It is not a view, on NSE around 6 million Indians had traded once a year last year.

Check this thread where I share the active client base as per NSE.