Zerodha stopping affiliate network

Zerodha has stopped paying 10% brokerage as referral which they promised to pay for lifetime a person trades by saying that most of people do only investing but I guess some referred still Do trading

@nithin sir can you explain your logic behind it @nithin

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Has anyone here been able to clarify this with the Marketing team , if this is

  1. With Retrospective effect or only for the new Referral sign up’s here after April 25, 2018 ? Does the Referrer still continue getting paid for the Referrals before April 25 , 2018 ?

  2. Does this new ruling apply to registered Associate Partners on the CRM platform ? Or just the Referral’s generated from the Q back office ?

@nithin sir please clear our query if you have time

We have been asked to stop this program. We can offer brokerage passback only to exchange registered authorized persons (AP) going forward. You can reach out to [email protected] if not already our registered exchange AP.

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This was a good decision. Some of the The Referral agents on YouTube were indirectly offering formulas, software, advisory and tips promising guaranteed returns for signing up with Zerodha through them.
Glad you wrapped it up, before it got too worse.


While other stock brokers like Upstox are still offering, how they made a separate rule for Zerodha? After becoming big and number 1, now that Zerodha don’t want referrals and small APs.

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After added some clients upstox will stop it.

Just because few started to give false promises, punishing the entire community is not right. Instead, the persons who are giving false promises are to be targeted.

Let the authorized people answer it. Don’t involve in others problem unless you can solve it. Please correct your language first.

Yes, it’s just the usual way of business practice to do anything like that lately. All big business when grow big trying to cut that little persons with which help they already got big anyway;) You as affiliate should always be prepaired for such action and have backup plan.