Zerodha streak Query

There is a basic flaw with Streak…It asks for the Timeframe at the very beginning, This denies the opportunity for multiple Timeframe analysis.Suppose my strategy involves ADX(14) to be above 30 on BOTH 5 min and 1 hour timeframe how can I do it because it takes only one timeframe for 1 algo,wheras,it should ask for Timeframe separatelyfor every indicator I wish to employ…Am I correct…?
So suppose I wish to implement he above mentioned strategy so what is the ADX(14) on 1 hr timeframe equivalent for ADX(14) on 5 min TF…?
1 hour = Twelve 5 min bars
So 1 hr look back (14) on 5 min TF = 14 ×12=168 bars ??? Is it OK

STREAKS is not a reliable tool to put your money, it just gives you a fair idea.

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