Zerodha Streak -- Super Trend Stratergy

Anyone tried to implement the Supertrend stratergy as mentioned in youtube video :

I tried it, but unfortunately I stuck with the condition. Like supertrend is higer than what ?

Any hints ?

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Super Trend sometime give wrong single s

Is the signal not according to your strategy condition?

very good simple strategy.
when the price closes above all the three ST, go long above the High of the Trigger candle , any time frame. But author recomm 5,10,15 min.
Mirror for short.
I tried it for Positional in Daily chart, it does work.
pl post yr doubt, if possible i will clear it and give my views

Hi Rangasri,

How do we possibly code the strategy based on super trend to go long above the high of the trigger candle.

Like for the Buy condition, Enter close (crosses above) supertrend (7,3)
How do we write condition for Buy only if Close is above High of the Trigger candle.

Thank you