Zerodha vs TD ameritrade which charges less brokerage?

In terms of a % value per lot which of the two brokerages charge less? for derivatives.

@nithin @siva

At Zerodha we charge 0 for investing and Rs 20 per executed order for everything else. So as % of trade value, it will keep reducing with size of the trade.

Ameritrade charges $6.95 per trade for stocks, $2.25 per lot on futures, and $6.95+$0.75/lot for options. So yeah a lot more than what we do. But this is comparing apples to oranges. :slight_smile:


Why is tastyworks so much cheaper than td ameritrade?


hmm… same question like why are we cheaper at Zerodha vs other traditional firms. Companies which have started more recent have lesser fixed costs and hence can disrupt on pricing by brokerages who have much higher running costs.