ZERODHA You are GREAT, PROUD to be Your Client - COVID-19 — What we're (Zerodha is) doing



Read Your Bulletin - COVID-19 — What we’re doing (Bulletin, 09 Apr 2020, 07:02 PM).

ZERODHA You are GREAT. PROUD to be Your Client, thereby minuscule PARTICIPATION from each of we Clients thru ZERODHA.

I Wrote to You for the 1st Time, on Tue, 7-Apr-20, prompted by Your Mail on 6-Apr-2020, 9:42 PM - Important updates — April 2020, with my Query Why the INCREASE in Equity Intraday Minimum Brokerage from 0.01% to 0.03% ?

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ZERODHA BULLETIN I referred in my Post above, COPIED below for the convenience of whoever have not Seen / Read it.


09 Apr 2020, 07:02 PM

COVID-19 — What we’re doing

We are witnessing an unprecedented level of societal & economic disruption across the world. Something of this magnitude requires rethinking & participation from each of us. We have to do whatever we can. We have begun by allocating Rs 25 crores towards COVIDー19 relief spanning multiple areas. Starting with:

  • Contributions to the PM CARES fund
  • Distributing 15,000 meals daily to the needy in Bengaluru
  • Supporting BMC Hospital (designated COVID hospital for Bangalore)
  • Contributions to the ACT fund set up by the VC community, and
  • A pilot project on UBI (Universal Basic Income).