Zerodha's High DP charges

When they start charging, will look for a broker who just entered the market & offering free services, no need to stick to one broker…unlike Wealth Management…


Easier said than done, but we live in a democracy and you are definitely free to do that :slight_smile:


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zerodha is very transparent and it provide transparent platforms too everything is mentioned clearly i knw this as iam a part of its training programe i must tell u that dp charges are levied when u take out shares from ur demate a/c not for ur holdings everyday. so 13.5 is what is charged when ur demate is debited and since we have depository participant as cdsl(central depository service (india) limited) zerodha pays them too to keep ur shares and safeguard it. Hope ur confusion is resolved

Why Finvasia is charging only 9/- Rs, they also may CDSL/NSDL

Make it clear then why to write “per day” to create more confusion.

@skini76, so finally with which broker are you trading?

I stopped trading…)))

Why ? Icicidirect charges only 7 per scrip for dp

Zero brokerage ?

Do they open only Demat account and saving account ? i do not want to open a trading account with them and will continue with my existing broker .

U @sabkaview Icici allows a simple savings and demat account. But such a account can be used only for ASBA IPO. That demat account is valid but ur current broker will not allow a different client I’d and demat acct.

U have to go through current broker only for easy share sell and settlement

@skini76 Icicidirect 0.55 perc brokerage for delivery under isecure plan. But their dp charge is low 7.5 per scrip

@ksksat : i have my demat account with a cooperative bank and i am using NSDL speed E for giving deliveries on sale . I deal with a local bse/nse member broker and do not want to change ,but may be DP where charges are much higher if icici is charging only rs 7 per instructions… my broker has no issue with any DP or even if i give deliveries through DIS.
i guess icici may not permit only demat account without a trading account whereby i can give deliveries on sale through nsdl speed E as i m doing right now .
My dad is dealing with this local bse/nse member broker and also with LKP securities ltd and maintaining demat with cooperative bank .

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Check with Icici savings account demat policy. In normal Icici bank page there is option to create demat account. It will be cdsl

But i myself refer to indirect trading account demat charges

Hello, can you please explain what’s NSDL speed e…

NSDL speed E and CDSL easi are the facility through which you can give deliveries of shares sold online and is available 24 hours of the day in an instant mode. you can link as many as beneficiaries to it and watch your transactions /holding /debit /credit live all the time. it will be through your DP .
BUT many broker linked demat accounts will not provide this facility as they take POA from you.

Thanks for the reply, does Zerodha allow this?

@sabkaview, thanks for the info, does Zerodha allow this?

@shashankgupta : i do not think any broker who insist on POA will allow this .

If it’s possible then why does broker insist on having POA for selling stocks from demat.