Zerodha's LAS Full Review - Strengths & Shortcomings

Zerodha has come out with quite a compelling Loan Against Securities (LAS) offering. Groundbreaking, if I might add.

Recently, I read in the news that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala got a LAS deal from Barclay’s at 7.66%. Considering Zerodha offering LAS to the mass at 10.5% is pretty impressive.

Only ICICI Direct has been able to offer LAS at these rates but then they are a mega bank.

I’m overwhelmed that Zerodha really want us to suceed. Recently, Motilal Oswal has also launched LAS as ‘Flexi Loans’ but they are offering it at 14.5% which is just not as compelling as Zerodha Capital’s offer.

Now, Zerodha needs to improve the LAS portal and give it a technological polish. You should be able to replace the underlying (pledged) securities with new pledged ones, without closing the loan, since it might happen that we need to sell the pledged shares.

Lastly, Zerodha. Please launch MTF as soon as possible.

#1. Option to replace the pledged securities with new shares in LAS portal.
#2. MTF.



Thanks for the review note. I’ll be really glad if you can share your experience and highlight the difficulties you faced, if any, during the various stages of availing the loan - onboarding, scrip selection, documents e-sign, pledging, repayments, top-ups, closure etc.

This is a high priority item for the NBFC. We are working on this and will roll it out soon.

Again on the list of things to offer, hopefully soon.

My experience while availing LAS:

Simple and smooth as a butter. Everything happened under 10 minutes and I was done. The funds took some time to hit my bank though.

One issue is, any new bank updation on Zerodha isn’t reflecting on the NBFC portal and the old bank account is where I got the funds instead of the newly linked bank account.

Everything else is great and simple.

Again, 2 requests: (1) Replacement of pledged underlying collateral and give the portal a bit of a polish. (2) MTF… MTF… MTF… And this should be the highest priority.

@siva @Karthik

Thanks, I’m sharing the feedback with the team :slight_smile:

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