Zerodha's Support has deteriorated. Painful for a loyal customer

It has been 6 weeks since I raised a rather disturbing duplicate order issue with Zerodha support. To date, I have only received canned responses and assurances that convince me that no body in Zerodha has even looked into the issue. Or maybe they have become cynical like the rest and daring me to approach NICE/Scores - where they can put their cost-center legal guys to browbeat the Client.

This Company that built its reputation on customer satisfaction appears to have given up if my experience is any indication.

Sorry to hear. Can you share the support ticket number?

I didn’t know I had a recourse before I filed the GRC Complaint, such was the frustration. Here’s the Id for what it’s worth

Hi @Srini_Jayaraman, sorry to hear this. Checking this.