ZT not run, shows Nest Initialization Failed for Interactive Engine : <<os error>>

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Their server is down

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On the weekends, we run maintenance activity on our server, that is when you might see this message.


Been using ZT myself, this error can occur when -

  1. The Clock on the Computer defers from the actual date & time (this actually makes a difference!)

  2. If you have an anti-virus that blocks this program.

  3. If you are not running the software as an Administratorā€¦

  4. Broadband Issueā€¦

TIP - Right Click on the ā€˜Zerodha Traderā€™ shortcut and select ā€˜Run as Administratorā€™. You can also go to the compatibility menu and ā€˜checkā€™ the admin option, should work fine.


server issue or internet issue

Zerodha has co-located servers with the exchanges, Server down even for a few minutes during trading hours can be disastrousā€¦ hence all precautions have been taken to ensure we are always online on market hours. If you are getting an initialization error, it would have to an issue with you internet or computer settings, which I have mentioned above.