1 minute intra-day data at end-of-day

Is there any way I can get free 1 minute intra-day data at EOD (end-of-day) for my analysis like how we get the bhavcopy of daily data from the NSE site?

Use pi
Export to excel

@maddy_Des Thank you for the response, but could you please let me know the steps for the same. I have not used PI earlier

Open the Pi .
Log in.
Create new market watch.
Add the scrip you want.
Right click on the scrip .
Click on open chart.
Put in time frame and no of days required.
Wait till chart is open.
Go to chart.
Right click anywhere.
Go to save this chart as
Export to excel.
Your data will be saved as .CSV file.
Adjust the width of columns if you are seeing #####


@maddy_Des thank you so much for the detailed steps.