15 min range breakout not working in PUT side in nifty and banknity


I have created one 15 min range breakdown strategy for bank nifty as below:

BUY 2 shares when Close(0) crosses below Opening Range(Close,15min) at min candle interval using candlestick chart. Enter trade between 00:00 to 15:10

But this is not working as expected. System is buying PUT option on 15 min upper breakout. (see below img)

Can someone please help me here??

URL of Strategy: Streak | World's first algo trading platform without coding

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Hi @Gokul_Rathod

I checked your strategy and found that you have not used the Symbol function in your strategy. This means that your conditions will be checked on the instrument added (PE dynamic contract in your case) and not on the Nifty Bank chart.

If your requirement is to check your conditions on the Nifty bank chart and trade/backtest on the PE contract. You can do this with the help of the Symbol function in Streak. Refer to the following link to learn about the Symbol function in detail - ✂️ Explanation of Symbol Function - YouTube

You can refer to the below image for your condition

If this was not your requirement, please elaborate on your strategy idea and I will assist you with it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much @Vasu_patel !! It is working now!