16684 Capital use karke 7th feb to till profit 30000


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@Niranjan_Roy Kaise trade setup kiye?

How you are selecting stocks for Intraday ?

may sirf 3 stocks me kam karta hu.

What’s your startegy?


Cool. Hopes you add more zeros to the end

can you give us few tips on stratergy?

Hi @Niranjan_Roy,

Congratulations on your success and hope you continue to be more and more profitable.

I do have a suggestion though: the spirit of this forum is sharing knowledge and helping each others. So, although your screenshots would inspire the newcomers to try harder, they get little to nothing from your posts until you share what works for you and what not.

You don’t have to share everything; any general principles that you learned while trading would do. But if it’s just a screenshot of you making money, it will be nothing more than a tease.



which stock and how to you trade?

Good Job…but plz tell us about ur strategies…how do u identify the stocks