20 days simple moving average alert on mail or phone

Any website that send sms or web alert when
my selected stocks price moves above 20 days sma or below 20 days sma in realtime.

Traders Cockpit

Any free website:slight_smile:
Haven’t made any profit in trading yet!

you can try investing.com for below alerts:
price crossing above or below your desired limit
volume also crossing above or below your desired limit
price change
no sms alerts but can check out the alerts system at investing.com

@smartinvestor I think investing.com doesn’t have SMA 20 alert.
And website that do have are very costly.
Tradercockpit premium subscription of 2000rs monthly too costly

yes, i forgot to mention that for SMA but i checked it out before posting the earlier post.
will inform in future if i come across any website which offers SMA crossing service.
happy trading to you.

You can use NetDania app for alerts.

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