20 Depth is not much helpful

I have a question on the HDFC screenshots given for 20 depth

In the given example of HDFC Market Depth, total buyers 269,171 and total sellers 948103.
However, the 20 depth shows around 6000 buyers and 10,000 sellers. There is a huge difference compared to the total. It means the 20 depth shows only 2% of volume.
Where are the other bids and what could be the motivation for keeping the prices for those bids below/beyond the current prices?
Can there be any fraudulent interests for placing such bids at far prices? If yes, what could they be?

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It depends on scrip, we can’t say it is always like that. Anyhow to know how 20 depth is useful you can check this.

generally large cos don’t show total quantity , there is also option to disclose only required qty to market…

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why there is difference in 5 vs 20 depth. I have attach screenshot below

5 depth

There seems to be an issue with 20 depth for some scrips. Please refer to the 5 depth for now. We’re working on resolving this.