20 sma crosses 150 sma

I would like to get notifications while price close just above 20SMA and 20SMA just cross 150SMA in 3 minutes chart…

If any conditions are there please let me know… Sample requirement as attached… Thanks in advance… :heart:

Condition will be like this :point_down:

1.Price just close above 20Sma
2. 20SMA just cross 150sma
3 3 mnts chart

Entry… :point_up_2:

Hey @Aneesh_e.v
In the above image, two crossovers are not taking place on the same candle. So you can use

You can also change the more important signal to a crossover

But changing both to a crossover would require that both the crossover are taking place on the same candle to get a notification.

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Thanks for the reply… But it is not worthfull.

Sorry? You need to test the scenarios to see which is matching your requirement.

@Krishnendu… I need to get “entry” notifications as marked in the above picture… Any chance?

Yes, if you use the approach mentioned above, it would work for this scenario as well. If you are new, you can first watch the Youtube webinars to understand the basics first.

Thanks bro. Let me check