20 years old paper share


My relative brought reliance and few other share 20 years back which was in paper. Last week i discovered in there drawer which they asked me how it can be used now. Like I can see couple of shares of Reliance, Chini Mill, etc etc. So what is the process of making them available in zerodha platform.




You will have to send us a dematerialization request form and the share certificates. Check this post which explains the process.


The certificate is in my relative name, but as he is too old and not interested in stock. Can he gift me and I can add in my account?


He will have to open a DEMAT account get them dematerialize first, then he can gift it to you.


Only two options available:
1.The person who holds the physical share certificate should have a demat account to get the shares dematerialized.

2.You can contact the company Registrars and get the shares transferred in your name and then you can dematerialize the shares.


Easier to demat in his name & gift u

Else u will have to do paperwork individually for all companies for transferring to your name

Don’t forget to claim dividends before transferring to ur name

After transferring to ur name, u can’t claim unpaid dividends, since the stock was in ur relative name when the unpaid dividends was issued.