2FA authenticator - Which is the best ? (Recomendation)

I’m using google authenticator.
Unfortunately today my mobile is totally down. I’ve tried multiple things. In fact the some series of mobiles from a single company is facing this problem. (reboot loop)

Because of this I’m unable to log in to anything including Kite on my system. I know that I can remove 2FA from Kite, but I’ve other linked stuff.

Mostly I will be using my laptop / desktop for this, So my question is, Is there any application that runs on both mobile and laptop ? Like google authenticator runs only on mobile and I can’t log in to anything when I loose my mobile.

(Recommend something other than Authy and Which one do you guys use) ?

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You can also check out Microsoft® Authenticator. Check out this article for more details.

Thanks, there is no microsoft authenticator for windows / mac, only available for mobile.

Isn’t that funny ?? Both are their products :man_shrugging:

I think you need to enable it in mobile. Then while logging in windows, you will need the code from MS authenticator app from mobile

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Yea, they have a beta version for windows. But no proper thing for windows.

That’s the problem, when the mobile is not around or in my case when device is not working.
It will be convenient to have it in windows itself.
It will be very easy to use.
Currently authy has support for windows / mac. But I don’t want to use it

Btw which one do you use ? Do you have any alternative that can be used in windows / linux ?

I use MS Authenticator, as I always have my mobile nearby. I also have Google Authenticator, but that’s not linked with Kite


Is there any way to have the same linked 2FA in 2 mobiles at the same time ? With synchronisation of time / totos ? This is imp when 1 mobile dies or not use able.
Any way to do this ? Using it in 2 devices in the same time.

Has anyone tried bitwarden in windows / linux ?
This seems to an alternative to authy.

If you can figure Keepass out, it is the best. Using it for many years now as a password manager. You can also configure TOTP in that. Works on PC as well as mobile.

Why don’t you like Authy? It works perfectly for your case.

Does anyone use Keepass ? If yes, how is it compared to the mobile apps like Google authenticator, authy etc.
(This is a desktop platform)

I do, its awesome. Setting up takes time. You also need to set the syncing to different devices yourself. Other than that, its quite good.