2min, 4min, 2hrs, & 3hrs candle time frames available on Kite now

New time frames available now on Kite charts.


Fantastic!! That was quick!!

Always great! Zerodha super

@nithin. Please help us with theme saving issue. It’s killing the time. Please

Thanks for the changes, can you please shift/move to give some space to the " saved view" “PIN” , while changing the time interval , always " saved view" displays.

After saving theme only once we have to load it for now.

OMG! @siva. No matter where I comment, Your quick response is SAME. I’m requesting you & @nithin sir, To do something about it. What you said is, cannot be done everytime. Let’s see how it goes, as you said, Load it everytime. I opened xyz chart, loaded theme, then i had to refresh page or pop out chart for other window, Both cases I get default theme. Come on! this is really annoying. I got your answer more than 4 times. I accept it. But What I’m requesting you is, Talk to someone & let us know how much time it will take. That’s all I’m asking. What you said is temporary, I’m requesting you for permanent solution. Please do understand sir. Thank you very much for multiple replies.

As I said earlier this is how it is for now and we are raising request with TV on doing something about this, it will take time.

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Thank you. Can you help me with mentioning timeframe?

May be in their next version of release, may take time.

@siva Can you please add larger time frame as well like 3monthly 6 monthly and yearly

All times frames may not add much value but will add yearly.

@siva for some stocks we don’t have yearly history but do have data for 3MN and 6MN. If not 6MN please just add 3MN (Quarterly) and Yearly.

Not sure how 3 months will be add value also yearly would be 10 to 15 candles max, not sure how one can apply any indicator or do any candle analysis, but will try to add yearly.

will we get tick chart option also in the future?

Tick chart means plotting all LTP’S of a particular stock?

Tick charts draw a new bar after a set number of trades, for example after every 1,000 trades bar is 1000 tick bar, if user select 25 tick bar then bar is formed when 25 trades {25 LTP’S} are done.

Right, just wondering how it can be any help as 1 share can be a trade and 1 lakh can be one trade?

i think it helps many traders because all major charting platform have tick chart option.

It is not about other platforms having, if we can narrow it down on it’s exact use, may be I can able to convince my team on considering this as feature request.