4 Hourly time frame in Kite


Zerodha always known to provide a new experience to its client whether it is in terms of brokerage or platform or trading experience, zerodha always makes their clients special and surprise them with there innovation. Such a thing is Zerodha Kite. It is completely different experience to trade with Kite. A really great platform with many indicators and time frames from minutes to weekly chart.

In all this i want to request zerodha a really small thing. Can zerodha developers please add 4H time frame in Kite charts as today 4H (4 Hourly) charts are really important than 1 Hourly or Daily. I hope many traders will understand my point and will definitely agree with my point. Moreover when almost all time frames are there in Kite adding 4 Hourly will give edge to the platform and to the traders for which zerodha keeps on providing a great and new experience.

I hope zerodha developers out there will listen to the traders and add as requested as soon as possible.

Thank You & Regards

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I agree fully with sarthakmittal on this one…I think he also wants to evaluate his trading decision on 3 fractal scale of a multiplier of 4…i.e. 15 min , hourly and 4H timeframes. While the first two are available on Kite, the 4 hourly is needed very much as the next timeframe which is weekly disturbs the scalability. Hope the development team takes cognizance of this. Thanks…

Any possibility of having 4hr chart in Kite. When I read books on TA lot of them are based on 4hr chart. Personally I too feel that having a 4hr chart is important because when i want to trade on time frames less than 1 day, maximum setting I can use is a 1hr chart which I think is very less. Please some one look into this. Thanks.


thank you buddy, cant believe i have been sitting right on it all these days :sweat_smile:

4hr timeframe is badly needed.Some how we can in single chart view. But in 2/4 chart view 4hr option isn’t there.Hope zerodha will add this in Kite3.0

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any update on the 4 hour timeframe ?