4Hour and and custom time frame option

Hello Zerodha Technical support team,

A basic feature is missing from both of your trading platform., 4 Hour time frame and ability to set custom interval time frame is missing in both Trading View and ChartIQ, please make them available at the soonest.

We should be able to set custom time frames like 75 minute chart and 240 min (4 hour) chart.

Please look into this seriously.


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75 min will come soon.


Just one more request: instead of just 75 minute, please make the option for custom time interval.


This is not easy, super complex.

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But custom time intervals are available on proper trading view website (with premium and pro tier subscription), you guys also use trading view charts. and I agree it can be super complex & expensive as well. At lease add 4 hour (240 mins) data too, it is super useful and reliable TF for swing trading.

At scale to offer custom time frame is not practical.


please atlease make available 75 minutes and 240 minutes TF available. :pray: :pray: :pray: :beers:

Hi siva, any idea by when this 75 min will be available

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The 4 Hour (240 Mins) time frame is available in ChartIQ but it is not selectable via the dropdown present above the charts. Instead, clicking the 1M option below the chart switches it to the 4 Hours timeframe. This support page explains it.

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Hi siva, Any updates regarding 75 min time frame??

Siva sir any update on this plz

Will take some more time.


hi siva, any update on 75min chart??

Sorry, seems it need a version update from our end to have this done so it may take some more time.

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