5 Lakh Cash, ready for investing

Hi All and @Riyas_Ahamed, @vishnux, @alphaT, @velu, @ronin_sha,

i have 5 lakhs in cash for investing. I want to build my portfolio. lets say after 10 years i will touch or look back to this money. Which stock should i invest right now.

i have seen many post / youtube videos where ppl say, if we invested a particular amount 10 years before then it end up to 500% gain or 1000% gain.

As market hit lower circuit, which stock we should buy for long term investing ?

OR if possible , please share your current investment in stocks.

One point to mention, I know it will be my complete responsibility to act on someone’s advise.

Thanks in advance.
Happy investing… :slight_smile:


5 lakhs is a huge amount.
if i were in your place, i would invest in nifty50 stocks while diversifying.
Choose domains which are going to be in demand in future, like tech ,pharma etc. after that choose top performing stocks in those domains and invest your money.
HDFC, Reliance, BPCL are some of the good stocks.

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One suggestion - Dont keep all in stocks

What if the new leaders change? What if HDFC, Bajaj fin, Kotak give zero or negative returns in next 10 years?

Divide investment into - Indices and Stocks

Have exposure to indices like Nifty, Nifty Junior, Bank Nifty etc. So that if your stocks dont work out, index will support your portfolio.


i am yet to invest in any shares :frowning:
planning todo covered calls on high dividend yielding stocks in the future


It feels good being asked, but Nooo I am not at all the right person to suggest you anything. I myself am surviving, far from being called a success.

You if any seeking suggestions, yes your intention is right. Replicate from the successful ones, but not amateur like me:laughing:


My dear brother , i never encourge people to invest in stock , in my decade experiance i am also investing in stock ,
you can take my words as last , you will be happy i believe ,

if you have 5 lakhs, buy the following wht i am doing

1 lakhs - bank bees
1 lakhs - Goldbees
1-lakhs- juniour bees
1- lakhs- Embassy REIT ( Real Estate Trust)
1-lakhs -Liquid fund

the same thing only i am done in my portfolio , the reason behind this i will explain clearly
Nifty is down -25% , but my portfolio is up 12% still , see you earn hard earned money, never believe single stock in stock market , tomorrow Reliance (or) infosys can also go to zero , reliance communication reliance capital , yes bank, etc these are bluechip once upon a time , so never invest in single scrip always Try to invest ETF
dont put all your money in Equity , above i mentioned the different asset class follow the rules you will never end in big loose in stock market

Return as follows from march 2019-march-2020 as of my portfolio , i have small portion also in single stock very little

  • Bank bees return one year---------- (-15%)

  • Goldbees return one year------------ +30 %

  • juniour bees return one year-------- +.045 %

  • Embassy REIT ( Real Estate Trust)---- +40%

    -Liquid fund------------------------------------+ 7%

        Over all portfolio return -----16.7 %

any kind of market melt down you dont worry . you will average out from othe asset class . this way is professional way , dont choose any other tips and tip stock pick its will give headache


Thanks all for the advises & suggestions.
@Riyas_Ahamed, nice & detailed explanation.
First time I came to know about these different asset classes.
I will sure look into these & invest accordingly.

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@Riyas_Ahamed very well explained…the most practical response i’ve seen on blogs. :+1:


@ShubhS9 , i ignore nifty bees because there is a reason , niftybess is highly developed company only participating . the returns from niftybees in long term is only 10 to 12 % , for the replaement i choose juniour bees , these company need to grow from here in the future , the juniour bees and bank bees return in longterm is 18 to 20% i love the return and well diversifyed in juniour bees , better call JUNIOURBEES as FUTUREBEES


Never run to find a stock to invest that will not work in your favour on most of times , better stick with ETF , the reason also very big , in the market meltdown how many stock will recover no one knows , but index will recover when the time market recover , the biggest benefit is you will get your money back , and confidently you can average it in any kind of market , because its index

its all my experiance i am sharing , anybody take as serious your money will protected , better than sharp rise and sharp down in stock , stick with ETF


@velu hai high dividended yiels stocks are bad in my opinion , they will give dividended 10% underlaying will erode 50% , its not an good idea to invest in dividended yield stock , dividended yield stock are low beta stock , if you are trying to do a covered call in low beta stock means premium in option you will get is very low ,

dividened yield stock are erase the investor wealth in long term slowly


Any backtested data to show ?

Your favourite investor warren buffet made his fortune by buying low beta and high dividend yielding stocks :smile:

@velu Never compare american market with indian market , most of the american company are doing business worldwide , in dow jones and nasdaq index comapny are wordwide business , the company cash flow also in billions , like google , cocacola, pepsi,amazon , all company are paying dividend every quarters , those company surplus cash also in billions , most of the company are debt free company in american index , so only they are giving dividend every quarters to the shareholders ,

Reliance is big company in india , but the dividend is very less (penny) - DEBT is very high , this is the situation in indian company ,

US interest rate are very low when you are comparing to india , so there is lot of difference with america and india , never compare american company with indian company , business models , govt policy , dividend procedure all are different in USA


he will never buy low beta stock , he always interest to buy below intrinsic value business stock only , in american stock most of the stock are paying dividend every quarter its not a matter for warren buffet, Intrinsic value of the business only a matter for warren buffet

@Riyas_Ahamed ,
Can you give comparison btw GOLDBEES VS SGB as I khow both can be used for hedge EQUITY,a part from that SGB provide upto90% collateral value + 2.25% interest.
Though SGB can have capital loss at time of MATURITY but it’s ok if used for Hedging purpose.
Is I am missing something…


There is lot of news about buffet how he is choosing a stock , just read Inteligent Investor , the only book he recommends to read , buffet strategy is not his own , buffet investment strategy are copied from benjamin grahm , he agrreed in that book , if you want to know buffet , only book in the world is ‘’ intelligent investor" there is no book in the world about teaching an investment ,

never look up in google there is lot of thing yo can find , what buffet recommended one book that is intelligent investor

@lotus SGB i dont recommended , but only you can get interest 2.25% thts really a penny , you can invest on particular open date only . there is a long lock in period , you cannot average the gold in particular down time on gold

GOLDBEES - i love it , when ever gold down 5% i can buy immediately , i can average out , i can make an SIP on every month , if i need some money i can partially sell i can liquidate the gold anytime on emergency , i can pledge to trade F&O also

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You list His holding and then you yourself will come to know .

Coca Cola and IBM …
He invested in aapl as well .

You talk about his investing all the time , but you are yet to grasp his basic criteria before he makes any investment.

I’m a tesla believer, my 5 lacs will go all into tesla for 5 years i see it going over $2000 in 5 years
this is for foreign investments.