5 Paisa Capital Review

Has anybody been using 5 Paisa Capital?
Pl help with some reviews regarding the same, actually I want second broker to buy OTM options.

I also need a broker who allows far OTM monthly expiry options. I am thinking about opening an account with Upstox! I want to know if they allow OTM position. Anyone here got any information about this?

Yes you can buy OTM in 5 Paisa , I have tested it …it works fine for me

Actually i wanted a review for their operations like

  1. Any delays while adding or withdrawing money
  2. Trades getting executed without your knowledge
  3. Lot of hidden charges
    Btw i prepared these questions from online reviews, 5 paisa has got some horrible reviews online around above points.

If you request for withdrawal before 330 pm, the amount gets credited before 7 pm same day. For withdrawal requests after 330 pm, money gets credited next day morning.

While adding money, margin gets updated in a minute.

have been using 5paisa for approx. 3-4 years and no issues faced with regards to money handling

None, not faced this issue.

Their interface used to be far better without any lags before the lockdowns. Nowadays at times it gets a little slow, but its nothing to worry about.

My experience with 5paisa has been generally good.

Very slow at volatile times

Thanks for the review, that helps.

I had sent an enquiry to 5paisa regarding pledging of MFs for collateral.
I got their replying stating that there should a min investment of INR 5 lacs per MF (that too after haircut) to get the collateral.

Has anybody pledged shares or MFs in 5paisa?

Thanks for the review, that helps.

Yes yhey are badd

I think even if they allow less 5 lakhs as collateral then the amount of trades executed with that small capital are very less and for brokers it’s peanuts.

Their customer service is pathetic, if u can handle that then go for it

Noted, thanks

Does anyone know how to pledge liquid funds in 5paisa?

@Karthik_Mahadevan they sucks at everything!