55% of Americans hold stocks in some form

Just came across this interesting Gallup study which shows that 55% of Americans have invested in stocks in some form. This cam be directly, mutual funds, ETFs, 401Ks, and other retirement accounts.

Comparitively, there are just 89 lakh active demat accounts in India and just 2 crore unique mutual fund investors.


Correct me if I am wrong, but the article mentions any form of investment’s and investments which are not direct are also taken into account and in case of America which is fully developed country, I think even the pointed statistics suggest it’s too low for it’s standards, why? Because you just pointed out the active demat accounts and unique MF investors in India…

Now where does the EPFO invest it’s money, in the markets right? if you take into account the 401k of USA then the EPFO’s should also be accounted for and how many salaried individuals of India have EPFO account… EPFO has around 170 million accounts out of which 50 million are active meaning they are directly/indirectly invested in the market without having a demat account… And in comparison there are only 1,68,000 so called 401K accounts in US as of the passing year.

Without actual numbers just calculating percentage of users can be very tricky. In case of USA Male/female workers are pretty much equal but there’s a wide gap in case of country like India. If there are even 10-20% individuals by current standards invested directly or indirectly in the market then it’s pretty good, however it should increase in the future as economy and awareness among the people grow…

5 crore active EPF subscribers. Only 15% of incremental corpus is invested in ETFs. EPF is basically debt. No matter, how you look at this, it’s a joke.

They seems very eager to buy some value papers from some some other countries which will give guaranteed income of yearly ten to fifteen percents which is crazy money for most americans who keep them in fixed deposits and some other stocks.