5m Timeframe with 1H and 2H indicators

I’m writing a program in TradeScript but need a little help please. I would like to use (need to use) a tilson and an RSI from different timeframes. The difficulty here is that I don’t know how to define calling from a different timeframe in TradeScript.

For example, let’s say I’m running the script on a 5 minute time frame but I want to introduce a 2 hour RSI, or any MA from a different timeframe as well.

Here is an example Buy with an RSI Filter

SET MA1 = T3Tilson(CLOSE, 30,0.2) #How to call a different timeframe MA here?
SET MA2 = T3Tilson(CLOSE, 150,0.7)
CROSSOVER(MA1, MA2) = TRUE AND RSI(CLOSE,14) > 51 #How to call RSI from different timeframes here?

The above is purely just a random example.

As well as the filter, the sell and buy exits I want also to be determined from an RSI on a different time frame. It is so very, very accurate when I trade manually. So how to automate this in TradeScript in exactly the same way?

The flexibility of calling indicators from other timeframes is what I need. Can you please help?