60 Day Challenge - A Suggestion to make it better

@nithin @siva

Haven’t you guys thought of assigning a unique Id to each Zerodha 60 Day Challenge? Getting a 60day challenge certificate on successful completion makes one feel happy. It made me at least. But then it came to my mind anyone can get it and replace their name using some Photoshop-like tools, while it doesn’t make them profitable, it would be better I guess if we could have maintained the sanctity of it.
A 60day challenge certificate happens to be a great motivator to small-time traders !!

A unique ID to each certificate and,
a portal or sort to verify its authenticity would be nice.

P.S - Just a suggestion.

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Even if someone does that I don’t see any harm for others, I believe getting this certificate gives more confidence and make them work for more and as you said you are happy after receiving it so the ones who is faking it knows that they didn’t earn it and they I believe it won’t give them confidence/happiness etc.

I am not sure how many will come and verify if someone else got certificate or not unless they won’t believe others getting certificate or jealous of them. Also many can photoshop their pnl, reports and post online which can’t be stopped.

One thing you can do is to not provide certificate to those who didn’t take any trade ,currently you provide certificates to them too .

Yes, quite right.

Still, exclusivity is fun !

At present, 60 Days challenge is completely screwed. It has been defunct for quite a few weeks and no data is shown on current running challenge as it used to be earlier. And don’t know what these guys are doing now. Just sitting idle or planning some more downgrading ??

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Sure, will get this checked.

@Nakul @TheGouda Can we have this checked.

@siva 60 day challenge is not updating , more then a week

@Alex_R @TradeB2B Could you please compute PnL? If it doesn’t work, please DM your client ID, so we can get this checked.

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Earlier there was no computation required and was visible automatically which has now been done. However ok. But computation doesn’t take place at first instance. It takes 2 -3 times to get the figure. Secondly, the computation is completely wrong also. Pls check XN5614 and let me know if i am wrong. And due to this i am on the verge of breaking my continuous 9th winning streak as i am unable to get correct figures. Pls look into this asap.

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Yes the compute PnL is a mess. I tried that on an closed challenge and you know what ?It removed all my losses from that Challenge PnL and updated it to 0 :slight_smile:

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I tried it on an old Challenge P/L(lost), it not only removed by losses but replaced it with my current profits, and gave the green sign on it. :smile:

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Thats a great news. Atleast , Zerodha has implemented positivity in retailers psychology in some or other way. :grinning: :grinning: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

does winning 60 day chalenge mean refund of brokerage ? also any link on how to participate etc…


You can check more on 60 Day Challenge here.

@nithin - Can you considering gamifying this a bit. The 60 day challenge is fun and keeps new traders motivated.
It would be more exciting if you can

  1. have some leaderboard with ppl who have won most number of certificates.
  2. have some stats published, how many people have the challenge more than X number of times
  3. some recognition (not really monetary) to traders who have won the challenge more than a specific number of times

What would really make 60 day challenge worth printing out, is if there is a stats which labels out the returns of capital made during the winning event.

Else it’s just a win but less meaningful. You can have a 10 rs profit at the end of 60 days, deploying 1lakh capital, but you ll get a win certificate.

And people ll advertised, 10 times winner Zerodha 60 day challenge. But 10 x winners riding what!

So, 60 day challenge is lacks lots of clarity. If you gamify, though restricted, it ll make things more pointless.


Let me speak to our team and see if we can do something. There is a regulatory issue with the leaderboard etc. But maybe the certificate can have a return on capital in terms of a %. Again can’t mention capital due to regulatory issues, only return % may not be very helpful, but let me check.

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If possible separate members based on capital like gold and silver And more .Then mention % of return they achieved.

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Yesterday only i finished the 60 days challenge on consistently winning 12 time , really its motivating us as a trader , @siva you are no 1 broker if you people consider to reverse 50 % of brokerage upon successful winning challenge its really helpful for us , if really zerodha stamp seal it on right side will look a real certificate

60 days challenge certificate value is 8 laks +