8 hr chart vs Day chart on Zerodha pi Scanner

I was trying to create a EOD scanner on nifty 50 stock universe on Zerodha Pi sccanner.

The sccanner has scan per minute and per hour.
So i seleceted hour and bar interval as 8 ( options avaliable 1,2,4,6,8)

it runs the script on 8 hr chart , however when i compared it with day chart the volumes on 8hr chart is not macthing with day chart of the stock. ALso close is not matching.

Volume on Feb 19 for a stock is 3038061 on 8hr chart.

Volume on Feb 19 for the same stock is 3044240 on daily chart

So where is the missing volume , also in both charts there is a single candle for feb 19. That candle should account everything volume and OHLC.

So where i am interpretinng this wrong.

Kindly help.