98% win rate in paper trading

I have been using a app “Investing Game” for a while and my win rate has been 98% so far. I have been using this for past 2 years for paper trading.

Do you think this could be luck? or just because this has been paper trading I was able to have such win rate?

Should I go live with this strategy?

P.S - I tried uploading the screenshot of the results but I couldn’t find attachment option

i first of all, am never a fan of paper trading. You can never add the emotional element, which sooner or later you ll need to nourish, if you are going down the way.

Anyway, win rate is never a sole factor for an edge. You can have the healthiest win %, but how big are your win sum?

I ld suggest you to have a spot on with your journal which includes

  1. number of trades
  2. win %/ loss %
  3. win sum( sum of winners)
  4. loss sum ( sum of losers)
  5. trade expectancy, which should be positive, preferably >=0.5, to have a winning system.

you can google all these up pretty easily. The main idea is you should possess a trading plan, with a positive expectancy.

Then, you get a long treacherous climb ahead, where you can fall and never survive. The mantra is to stay in the game long enough, even knowing the unpredictable storms and winds, that ll shred your ass many times.

I get a bit dramatic. Yes man, go live. Paper trading is shit. You won’t learn much. Go live but don’t expect any money in the beginning years. I wish to say months, but the money you earned during the initial months, is not yours to keep, even if wishing.

Man, i wished things were so rosy. But yeah go live, what you waiting for. Someday you have to, if it’s your passion. You can google all shits up, risk management etc, you are smart enough to know that.

But don’t go for fake gurus, furus and all that kind.


Yes, start with small amounts/quantities, and then increase gradually.

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I have been into the markets over a decade now, after reading your post i have installed this app yesterday to check whats there in it which made you to use that paper trading app.
My view on this is " Paper trading is experiencing a roller coaster in virtual reality. "


That’s psychology part. What about strategy? I can trust my strategy, right?

Just go live with your strategy on Live Market and in the beginning trade only with the money you can afford loose :wink:

Get some experience of the Live Market, Test your strategy and gradually increase your trade volume.
Trust me, Live Market and Paper Trading have vast differences. It will be better if you experience it yourself.

Best of Luck for your Journey :partying_face::partying_face:

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Even better only do hedged trades in real market in beginning for learning.

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Don’t underestimate trading psychology. Trading psychology works like Butterfly Effect.
Confidence is good, but overconfidence is always proved to be of self sabotaging in nature.
Mr Market is going to be your best teacher.
Start with very little money as possible, you must be able to refill your trading account later, else you’re out.
We’re humans, not robots. So, psychology matters.



you can backtest and check the signals , you can try it out, any technical strategy works fine with good trading discipline.

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This is very deep. I got it. Thanks :slight_smile:

How do we do Hedge Trading in Equities? As per my knowledge hedging is done in options?

Yes. Hedging can only be done in FNO.

But if you’re going long in cash you can still purchase a PUT option and vice-versa.

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98% win rate is awesome

Do u use any method or set up to get this result?

Well yes I do have a strategy. But I don’t use indicators.

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agreed @ronin_sha. Paper trading never prepares you for real thing. Its like target Practice in Army as compared to real war > Hardly real.

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If you are from , i hope “investing Game” app is forex trading app and forex is banned in india becareful

TA is same everywhere whether forex or equities.