A Beginner diving into options trading

I am a beginner in trading , I have around 1.2 lacs of capital , I also traded with virtual money in sensibull to test my learning . I want to trade intraday only in options and survive in the long run . I want to trade with option spreads only with 1 lot to build my capital base. My question to all the experienced traders , that if I focus only on index options everyday in intraday with option spreads like iron condor and iron butterfly. Is it possible to make 0.5%-1% in every trading session ?

There are 250 sessions in a year. 0.5percent per day would mean 125% per annum even without considering compounding. Now you can answer your own question. Do you think it’s possible?

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I think practically it is not possible , only in excel sheet it can be done with 100% accuracy.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:


@Swarnava_Addya I’m in the same stage as you with a similar capital base I’d say some sessions would be profitable some would be losing but average out everything less you’d come with a number between 0.1-0.2% every session and instead of intraday spreads and options strategies with multiple legs would work out better if done on Higher time frames where you get the decay benefit (Swing Trading).
Again to say I don’t actively trade I’m only Trading Virtually using Sensibull (where I figured multi-leg option strategy works better in swing).

If you are looking to practise with this cap, then its fine to spend time and learn

Close to impossible to make huge returns. Brokerage and charges are going to eat a lot and it will be significant numbers

when you intend to make +1% also be ready for seeing -1% or -2% in your account and decide further :slight_smile:

Hi, It’s a lot of money for beginner, pls consider using less than 1/4th of your capital for option trading.
Virtual trading is useless & to survive in the market, you will need to stay in it even if you trade with just one lot.

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