A Big Advice For Intraday Traders


2017 Vs 2018

For Most Of People 2018 Is Really Tough Year Bez Of Extreme Volatility

But In Other Hand IntraDay Trader’s Like Me & All Other Are Verry Happy Bcz Of High Volatility We Make Very Big-Big Profits

So The Point Is If You Are New Trader And you Start Your Trading Career From January 2018 So Don’t Get Any Type Of Over Confidence I’ll Tell You Why

In 2018 Market Are Not In There Normal Mode we show extreme Volatility In 2018

So if in 2019 Market Is Go To There Original Nature Like 2015, 2016, 2017…

Then May be Your IntraDay Strategy Slow Down a Bit or You have To Change Some Method in Your Trading Strategy

So Just Be Careful

Only For New Trader’s
Thank you…