A button to take a break from trading?


Disable trading MIS and FnO with real money, instead enable virtual portfolio with virtual money so that the addicted traders could still go ahead trade and apply new strategies on virtual money.


LOL, a button isn’t going to stop traders from doing what they love.

Even if they enable ‘do not trade’ button, the very next day they will again disable it.

Only way to stop traders from trading is they blowing up all their money. That will put a stop on their trading for a while atleast.


@nithin But how do people using NOW platform from Zerodha benefit from it? Does disabling in kite also disable in NOW as well?


It’ll be a great option. Request to please add on Pi as well if possible.

Thanks in advance !


Traders who want to adopt for using a window to stop them self, I suggest them not to stop things like this.B’cus it will take their practice of time relationship for taking risk with patience . Although they should try jobbing in that same derivative’s scrips in same manner with 10 or 20 then 100 or 200 in increasing number.
Which would give them enough time to think at what point they had previously made mistakes.DR4910


Are you making profit now?


Yes, small profit


Once again Zerodha leading by @nithin has proved it’s transparency and brutal honesty for its customers. This is really an awesome and innovative idea which Zerodha can only think about. In the world of cut-throat competition between brokers; Zerodha is atleast thinking about its clients (Retail Traders).

Please make available this “Magic Button” in your next update.
Keep innovating and keep rising… thanks ZERODHA.


Good idea ,thats y zerodha is close to our heart always


Truely long term thinking. Better to lose few days of brokerage for a lifetime of dormat account. But … I think better than that, create an option to take a quiz on trading as a way to improve skill and then allow the traders back on Kite. You can even charge for these tests. Atleast you wont lose revenue and you can uplift the average trading skills.


Great initiative, please implement ASAP, this will be the best decision ever in the history of brokerage industry on Zerodha’s part. I think it will especially helpful for those with certain mental conditions where they have difficulty controlling emotion even when willing. This will act as a circuit breaker for those with an anxiety issue. Please implement this. I traded thousands of crore worth of futures and options with Zerodha and seen tens of lakhs in losses, only telling this because this a big thing for me, personally.


Hi @nithin When are you planning to introduce this feature? No doubt your revenue will be hit but it will be a great step from Zerodha who always thinks in favor of their clients.


Hmm… this took a backseat… Console.zerodha.com will get more powerful over time, it isn’t too far where you will have controls to block account on your own.


This is a great news for sure :grinning: @nithin
One more thing… Can I block BO, CO, MIS, CNC Order features from my A/c completely and leaving only the NRML Order for Futures Trading? Is it possible that… If I contact Zerodha Customer Care then they will block these Order Features completely from my A/c?


@siva do we allow this?


We can do it.


Thanks @siva @nithin for the awesome support :+1:
I will contact Zerodha Customer Care to block BO, CO, MIS, CNC Order features from my A/c completely and leaving only the NRML Order for Futures Trading?


You can create ticket here.


Oh Great!! I will do the needful here.
BTW Suppose after 6 months or 1 yr I will need these features then can I revoke it on my Trading A/c?


You can.