A DIS slip for transferring shares from one demat to another is first verified over a phone call with queries such as PAN number, Father's name, reason for transfer. Why is this?

Once I’ve already provided the DIS slip, isn’t it proof enough that I wish to transfer shares? Why a phone call over all of this?

A DIS slip is like a cheque book, once stock is transferred from one demat to another, getting it back is tough. There is a chance of someone forging this DIS slip. At Zerodha we offer Zero brokerage for delivery trades. So if someone is transferring stock out using a DIS slip, there is an extra reason for us to be concerned about. Similar to how banks call you up if signature doesn’t match 100% on the cheque, we also call our clients everytime someone is transferring shares out to reconfirm if is the same person who has an account with us.

Also if DIS slip has more than 5lks worth of stocks, depositories make it mandatory to call the client. Also if a single DIS slip has more than 5 stocks being transferred, it is mandatory to call .