A Few queries regarding Dividends!

Hi there!

I have a few queries regarding "Dividends" and hoping to find the answers on our community!

For example, let's take IOC.

Ex-Date: 04 Sep 2015

BC/Record Date: 08/09/2015-15/09/2015

How much Dividend I should receive and by when? Is there a fixed date.

(I haven't yet received any Dividend from IOC yet!)

1. I bought a few (ex- 50) shares of IOC on 03 Sep 2015.

Then, on 07 Sep 2015 I sold them (all 50 shares). I also bought back a few (ex - 20) shares on 07 Sep.

2. I bought a few shares (ex - 100) with broker A (last was received by OFS on 24 Aug 2015). After that, I haven't traded IOC with this account.

And, the transactions of IOC with broker B are as above (point 1).

Will I receive the Dividend from both these accounts where I have IOC?

Thanking in anticipation,



The answer is same as the last question u asked. You need to be holding the shares in your demat account on the record date to get any corporate action benefit (Dividend, rights, bonus)


Thanks Nithin!