A good return in Trading Options

Options by far seem a complex product with a myriad of strategies all over. But, still majority of traders fail at consistent money making. What is a good return per week/month in options ? Or a generally achievable one after leverage is completely gone ?

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There is no set returns for intraday option trades.

For positional non-directional trades like iron condor , probably 6-8% are good returns


yes 6-8% pm is good if you are an expert

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is this per month or year? i m hoping its per month.

Tell me i m wrong.

I see a lot of traders do that currently. But after leverage is gone, even this would be difficult I guess. However, I get your range that if we are able to more than 5 to 6% a month, we can take it as a career.

I meant 6-8% in positional trades without any leverage .
For intraday option trades , can’t fix any set target

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Hi Amit

In any trading year, if one is making better returns than the benchmark Nifty, mutual funds etc then I would think that is great. Exactly how much one get depends on the trading system, market movement, risk one is willing to take etc. Typically with the trading system with which I trade I make around 5% - 8% monthly. But our system is a positional one and its better to give at least one year time to work. So we at the end of every 31 Mar evaluate our system performance. Every day or every month may not be profitable.

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