A move of approx. 15% in CDSL

CDSL stock CMP 1200. We analyzed it as per Elliott wave theory, a move of 15% is here , It can go downward to approx 1016.

There will be a lot of stocks like this, for which we can a TP and SL.

Can you elaborate more?

Can you please tell the names of those a lot of stocks ?

And this stock is not a part of FNO where one can make short position. So where you will put SL and the target is well known as I gave 1016.

This happens almost every single day, some stocks move up, some come out of consolidation, some cross the resistance etc.

You know this.

You know that SL or TP can be placed anywhere using some method, recent support or resistance zones, or swing lows and highs, or at some %.

I was saying, the chart was simple, so I thought of asking you explaining some EW.

This is very obvious sir. There are more than 5k stocks in the market where something will happen everyday but we can’t track every single stock.

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According to Elliot Wave theory ,It is a corrective wave. There are two scenarios : Either it will make a triangle on daily timeframe , so we will update the chart with new possibilities and the second one is what I have mentioned here

I know nothing about EW. But looks like it is facing a lot of resistance up to 1315, so I think it has to first reach this price and then to 1380. Also it may not fall to 1016, it may take support at 1160. Of course, depending on what’s happening in the business, these can change.

If you can, post the chart after each week, we can see how it goes.

Sure sure. If the price will follow triangle , we will update the next move.
By the way , Elliott wave is a pure price action theory or advanced version of price action.

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A week is a good time I guess to post an update, so I guess you can post next week and see if your thesis is working or not.

Yes I am familiar with the words EW and Wyckoff, but don’t know about them :face_in_clouds:

This is a daily timeframe chart. In a week, there will be 5 candles only.
So it will take more time. Can’t say when but very soon .

Yes I know about 5 days in a week but I think 5 days are okay to post an update. If you think 5 days are not enough, post whenever you feel you have some update.

This will help everyone who are using technical analysis.

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Ya surely. We will keep updating.

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Are you an organization or what, you are saying we and not I, how many persons are using this ID? :thinking:

I am a person but working with my friends and we are a team . So, I represent and respect my team. That’s why I use We.

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