A question on etf

is there one single webpage to track which new etfs are introduced by amcs? thanks in advance.

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Check if this helps you

thanks @eddiechris @Jack_R for sharing this. i am aware of these but my point is, now we have close to 200+ etfs. if an amc introduces a new etf, where to track it? like in factsheets they put it, but it is impossible to open up all amc factsheets monthly. so was looking for a website which can list out newly introduced etfs only.

i don’t know about ETF only but if you wanna filter all newly listed funds and ETFs go to value research and filter by age :slight_smile:

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yea… thats the only way it seems. thanks!

You don’t need to track each and every new ETF :slight_smile:
ETF is supposed to be a passive product, doing active search for new ETFs is kind of against the whole concept of ETF.

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basically, by tracking, i meant knowing which new etfs come up in the market, not literally tracking the etf. for example, this new nifty ev index has come up recently, and when amcs starts introducing new etfs to track this, hardly we know (as media don’t showcase etfs). so was looking for a place where they put all this up.