AADHAR linking for trading accounts

“SEBI has given strict instructions to block brokerage accounts if the Aadhar card details are not given to the brokerages by 31OCT.”

Just received this message from a friend. Is this true?

Is there an official circular or press release about the same? Can anyone at zerodha please confirm? @nithin @Bhuvan

Thank you.


There is no such news or circular

This BSE circular should help: http://www.bseindia.com/markets/MarketInfo/DispNoticesNCirculars.aspx?Noticeid={177FD9DA-6412-4EAD-92AA-6430F15E11B6}&noticeno=20170817-36&dt=08/17/2017&icount=36&totcount=40&flag=0

As I’ve stated above, there is indeed a circular instructing us to collect Aadhaar for all our clients.

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Dear Nikhil,

If I have opened trading account using Aadhar then, it should not be an issue?

Let me know.


I have received such messages from Sharekhan, but I have not received this message from Zerodha

I think the date is 31 Dec and is mandatory at the same time voluntary.
My DP also mailed this for demat account. Weird thing they say it is mandatory to link and also have to provide a consent/request letter to do so. So dumb of bureaucrats.

i think aadhaar should be mandatory linked to the trading accounts.

Some stock manipulators are grabbing retail investor money by using their black money to make it white.

Also it easy for tax return filling.

shell companies will trapped as there will transaction recorded electronically.

that is also one of the reasons why Modi government is doing this, they are trapping black money hoarders from every angle.

AADHAR linking for trading accounts will make government and financial Institutions to track down the Clients activity in Capital market more easy.
They will link this data to any centralised servers and make a Hub By joining all the servers of Diffrent institute Data and this will make the accessibility of any information on Just few clicks aways.
Your Transaction and Investment will be no more privacy. Any time any where government institutions will track down all your Investments.
Either just by putting your AADHAR CARD number or any combination of keys.

From stock market point of view reatil investors will be protected from operators and shell companies

Yes, all trading and demats will get blocked if AADHAR not mapped, Click on this: https://zerodha.com/aadhaar/ to map your AADHAR to the Zerodha account.


Hello, in case if trading account names Gopinath Naidu, but aadhar says Gopinathkumar Naidu? Will it be same like banks? Since banks accounts aren’t connecting if names differ like above… However, I have seen PAN number does get allocation with broker account regardless of minor changes like above(hmm, in the process of connecting PAN with Aadhar I have observed it does get linked if Date of birth matches)

I think names won’t matter, all they want is an adhaar card linked to an account. To deactivate accounts opened with fake pan cards. So black money hoarders can’t invest and make their money white.

Ok I have successfully linked my aadhar card but in IPV (In-Person Verification) page I could not load my video as my laptop camera is not very clear. What to do now?

Thanks for confirming @nithin. Appreciate it.

I have completed the task as well now.

Nithinji, The link is to open through Kite platform. Is it possible to be done through Q, ad I am using NOW and I can’t open Kite.

Ah yes, we will have it in next couple of days.

Thank you, Nithinji

The YEAR value in the DOB field, for AADHAAR verification, doesn’t show years prior to 1950.

As a result, I’m unable to enter the year for Aadhaar verficiation. @nithin- can you please ensure this is fixed ? Thanks.

You can complete your IPV using this link. Possibly on a Mobile Phone or any other

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