About bracket orders

Is bracket order is blocked for all stocks ?

Nope. You can check out this list to keep track of which is scrip is allowed/blocked.

You can find the margins required on our margin calculator.

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Bracket order work on market rate and does not allow to trade buy @ particular price though option for buy price is enabled instead of market order due to which I have seen big loss in my script

  1. Will Stoploss and Takeprofit orders be partially closed if the parent order was executed only partially ?
  2. If stoploss order is executed only partially, will the take profit order be partially closed ?
  3. Can i modify child orders ?
  1. Yes, if the parent order is executed partially, the child stoploss and take profit orders will be for the partially filled quantity.
  1. Yes, the other child order will reduce to the quantity filled too.
  1. Yes but stoploss can be modified only to the allowed range.

Considering that bracket orders are way to limit your loss on a stock market they represent sort of risk management technique. It should be generally allowed but obviously not for all trades