About dividends

Is this true ? That if we sell stock on ex dividend date …we will be eligible for dividends and it will be credited in our trading ac ??

Yes you’ll be eligible even if you sell after the ex - dividend date. (that’s when they record their share holders data).
You’ll get the dividend in your bank account and not Trading account.

What if I sell on ex dividend date ? … in that article it is said as …we will get in trading a/c if we sell it on ex dividend date…is it True ?

Most of the time Stock at open drops equal to dividend amount on the ex date.
Recent vadanta.
soon BPCL (dividend date announced_,HPCL waiting for dividend announcement afetr AGM around sep15th,ay drop similarly.
In zerodha settlement is T+1(early)
if less than 5% dividend, people who shorted stock futures previous day close may benefit.
But common share holders can sell only next day I think to get the dividend.
Please Do correct me .

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