ABOUT Expiry Days

Hi I have an Doubt.

Today Its 23-08-2022 finnifty Expiry day.
I tried zero to Hero on 17800 PE and 17900 Ce option, as it was trading @17850 by 3 pm.
17800 PE bought @ 1Rs went to O {Its OTM)
17900 CE bought @ 6 Rs (Went 0.45)

Finnifty Expired @ 17959. So It will the settlement.

Some Body Please explain.
Thank you

Vanakkam @Eniyan_Raja .

Is this what i am thinking?

Dn worry, your query ll be picked by a expert.

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Yes… I would like to know how much will be settled as Finnifty qty is

Hey, welcome to the community. Feel yourself at home. @t7support or someone ll pick your query.

Come on ce pe masters. Plz help @Eniyan_Raja .

There was a rally in the last 30 mins but the settlement is based on the weighted average closing price.

If I’m not wrong, the closing price was 17897.35

Thank you Subash. I think it will be the pre market price right?
Got it…

Finnifty closed at 17897.35

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Not a master at anything. Perpetual student. The more I have learnt anything the more I have realised that there is so much more to learn about anything.

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Both CE/PE expired OTM.

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The underlying for FINNIFTY, Nifty Fin Service index closed at 17897.35, both your positions, 17800 PE and 17900 CE will expire worthless and you will lose the entire premium paid.

Would suggest you read the Options trading module on Varsity to learn more:

SO I Have a doubt If 17900 Ce closed @ 17959 How much amount will be settled???

If the market settled at 17959, then the 17900CE will be settled at 59.

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Thats Means 59 x 40 = 2360 right

Subtract the premium you paid when you bought it and you’ll get your gross profit.

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Sure Suyash. Thank you