About Nifty Healthcare Index


NSE has a sectoral index, the NIFTY Healthcare Index

The factsheet of the index mentions November 2020 as the launch date of this index and base date as April 2005.

But when I check the NSE India website’s live market data of indices watchlist, there is no mention of this index in the list of sectoral indices with live data.

Where can one find the chart and daily data of this index?

The index has shown some interest with Axis and ICICI AMCs launching ETFs tracking this index.

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I’m guessing since it’s a new index, charts aren’t available yet on platforms. For now, you’ll have to use Nifty Pharma or BSE Healthcare index as a proxy.

As per the press release, it is calculated on “an end-of day basis”. This might be the reason behind platforms not providing a live chart for this index.

You can view the daily index value for the Nifty Healthcare Index in tabular format via the Historical Index Data Report or Total Returns Index Values Report. These reports allow exporting data in CSV format. Also, you could use the CSV files and plot a chart using online tools like CSV Plot or Datawrapper. For example, here is an interactive line chart for the last one year for the Nifty Healthcare Index and Nifty Healthcare Total Return Index created using Datawrapper -


I did look up BSE Healthcare index. It has 71 stocks as constituents. Where as the Nifty Healthcare would be only 20 stocks.

This is something I didn’t realize. But, this is interesting. So, once the ETF is listed, it will be trading whole day with a live chart. But, the underlying index will have only end-of-the-day basis calculation…

Thanks for these link Prayag. Will explore them.

Doesn’t matter much, the top 10 stocks will almost always be the same, because they are cap-weighted indices. And the top 10 stock weights make up most of the index eitherway.