About only buyers stock

I am new to share market,
I bought 50+ shares of zee media corporation limited. yesterday, as soon as the time passed around 2 pm in the afternoon the stock does’nt have any sellers and only buyers were there.
today also only buyers and no sellers.
should i sell the stock immediately, is it dangerous to hold stocks with only buyers and no sellers,
kindly anyone please clarify my doubt…
thank u…

No , it is good for u.

The stock reached upper circuit limit today.

U can sell in UC and ur case it will give profits. So don’t worry.

Even if a stock reaches Lower circuit it does not matter long term

If new to stock market buy TCS reliance industries HDFC wipro etc. These blue chips u can buy and relax. Like fixed deposit. U will get profit one day or other


thanks a lot for ur kind reply @ksksat

@ksksat, could you please tell me where we can find what is the upper and lower circuits for each scrip?

well @ksksat
today zee media corporation stock had more sellers and less buyers, within one day everything changed, will it go down more, should the stock has to be sold in this kind of conditions,
everything here is new, so couldnt guess what will happen next.
thank u…

I am not following zee group but there are issues running there bcos of promoter holding with banks etc . if u r getting purchase price come out and invest only in blue chips. But don’t book loss. Park that money and start with good companies and good price in current situation. U can try wipro, heromotor , Bosch, hdfc all are available in good price now

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Bseindia.com type stock name
They will mention upper and lower price bands

But all f and o stocks no LC and UC

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Trading circuit stocks is dangerous. They will show upper circuits and suddenly may get locked in lower circuit. Then you will not be able to sell.

It maybe possible you are in X% profit, and then you exit in X% loss because you got locked in lower circuits.

One thing you can do is every morning keep stop loss just below the open price (upper circuit price). But sometime they will bring down the price, and hit your stop loss and then it goes back to upper circuit again, so you miss further move.

Another thing I used to follow is once I am in good profit (after few days of upper circuits), then I used to put my stop loss just above the lower circuit price, so it exits only if the stock falls near lower price limit. Here also one risk, sometimes the move is so violent your stop loss may not execute and you are trapped.

So overall its just gambling in such stocks.

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thanks for ur kind replies @Newbie420 and @ksksat

Since I’m in new share market from last 10 days trying to buy the share of Ashok industries from every time it got cancelled by the end of the day
Also as per I notice that only buyers count is increasing day by day seller count is zero…and price value also increasing…can explain me that