About prop trading

  • Bro did u heard about ftmo ?

  • what if we build something like that for indian stock market

  • where we can trade nifty and sensex future

  • No Forex trading and no international index trading

  • My question is will it be legal ?

This isn’t legal in India. By the way, if FTMO is allowing a program like this, I am guessing they are a CFD platform where there is no underlying exchange but the platform is the counterparty to every trade. Their bet would be that majority of the people who enrol will lose money and hence the platform will make money.

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But we will make whole process transparent and will execute the trade on real basis then will be allowed in india ?

Nope not allowed. You are not allowed to pool funds like this in India. Actually, this isn’t allowed in most countries.

Btw, check this post. The only way you can pool money.

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