About Rights Issue


Hi, Ive bought this shares TODAY, will iam eligible to apply rights issue? still shares not credited in my account right?

For rights issue can the Ex Date and Record date be the same. I tried searching the net for the record date of the above company, the company has mentioned the record date as 02.12.2022, then how come the ex date is also 02.12.2022.

Economic times has mentioned record date and ex date as the same Is Ex date two days before the Record date? Confused

you will get rights if you buy on 01 December . rights of PARTLY PAID share at 90 paise plus 10 paise total 1 rs per share from 9 to 23 December . RE will list from 9 to 16 December. rights huge rights in the ratio of 25 shares on 3 shares …

This share is in T PLUS 1 so in all such shares which are in T PLUS 1 settlement ex date and record date are same .

A related question, are select shares in T+1 and others in T+2. How do we get to know this. @aniln

Many shares are in T PLUS 1 and many more will come …brokers terminal do not guide which share is in T PLUS 2 / TPLUS 1 . bse website do give this information .
MAY I REQUEST , Zerodha @ShubhS9 to introduce marking/nudge t1/t2 after scrip name in trading terminal similar to markings /nudge you have in T2T shares /bse listed shares.

Market cap 07 crore Rights issue 30 Crore…AMUSING !